Treatment Techniques
We specialize in a number of well-known therapeutic techniques hare at Luana Aloha Massage and Facials, Kauai.

We will recommend specific techniques depending on your needs, and of course you are welcome to request a particular technique.

1hr $110     1hr15min $130         1 1/2hr $170        2hr $220

Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian Massage, rhythmical and relaxing, helping us center and ground. Connecting us to the Aloha all around. 

Swedish massage uses variety of strokes to ease and relax muscles. A wonderful way to unwind.

Deep Tissue massage is a great tool for those knots that don't want to go away. We will spend time on a few focus muscle groups working through the layers of tension.

Shiatsu is a deep tissue massage form of the Japanese healing arts. This technique comprises a full body treatment involving rhythmic pressure along meridians to open energy flow. 

Reiki is a Tibetan healing art wherein life energy is channeled to your body with very subtle hand pressure from the therapist, to strengthen your energy system and promote natural healing.

Call or email us for more information or to schedule a consultation here in beautiful Kauai.

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